What Is the Best Way to Find Land for Sale in the US?

What Is the Best Way to Find Land for Sale in the US?

Are you thinking about buying land in the United States? There are many parts of the country where real estate is appreciating, so this can be a great investment if you get it at the right price.

As you consider looking for land for sale, here are ideas to buy land in the US, based on what you want to use it for.

Hunting Land

If you want to enjoy an early morning hunt and want to own hunting land, it is a good idea to look in the SW region of the US, such as Texas or Oklahoma. The land is more inexpensive here because there is not as much competition between farmers and recreational land buyers. It has been said that some land can be purchased in West Texas for hunting at less than $500 per acre.

If you do not mind colder weather, another good place to buy hunting land in the US is in Minnesota and Wisconsin. There is a lot of farmland in SE Minnesota, and many large bucks have been harvested there.

Residential Use

Buying land to build a home on is a dream for a lot of Americans. Some families want to build a dream home, while retirees want to have more space to relax after living in subdivisions for years.

Where are the best places to buy affordable residential use land? Some say Tennessee, West Virginia, and Arkansas are some of the best places to buy land. Tennesse has many types of geography, from lakes to flat ground to mountains. Some surveys show that the average price for residential land in these states is 30% or 40% below the cost across the nation.


Whether you want to run a big dairy farm or want some space to raise some horses or even crops, the farmland you select will play a huge role in how successful you are. The least expensive farmland usually is not beautiful with deep, fertile soil. Instead, you may be looking at remote parts of Arkansas or Louisiana.

Small farms are often best in Nebraska, where you can get flexible lease options and tax credits. They also have educational and training programs for novice farmers.


If you want to be close to water, you can find affordable property in Oregon and Washington. Buying your property in the North Bend region of Oregon has the beauty of the Adventure Coast as well as the amenities of a large city. There also is vacant land in the Ocean Shores region, only three hours from Seattle.

If you like warm water near you, consider buying property in Myrtle Beach or Boynton Beach. Or if you want to relax by the lake, think about Pennsylvania or New York for small lots in rural areas on remote lakes.


Looking for affordable land near cities? If you want a large lot near a sizable community, Lexington, Kentucky is a good dal. Land in this area is around $5,000 per acre. You have wide-open land and easy access to the big city. You also can buy affordable land near cities such as Tampa Bay, Jacksonville, and Chattanooga. All of these options have affordable land that is useful, depending on your needs.

You have many options for affordable land all over the US. The most important thing is to know what you want to use the land for. That is a major driver in where and what you buy. Also, getting the best lot for your purposes is not always about getting the cheapest land. You will need to balance the quality of the land, the amenities offered, with what you want the land for.

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