What Are The Web Design Trends We Should Expect In 2023 [UPDATED]


Web design is a fast-evolving technology field. Old trends are being improved, others getting obsolete, while new ones are invented.

2023 is expected to be an explosive year in terms of technology. Mobile technology is taking center stage alongside AI and increasingly smarter gadgets. Designers are also working overtime to outdo each other into delivering groundbreaking inventions. Here are trends that are expected to shape web design in 2023.

More White Space

An internet user today is expected to come into contact with a lot of colors, images, and videos. These formats are heavy to the eyes. They are, therefore, becoming a nuisance to internet users. The solution is to provide white space to visitors to a website.

White space makes a website lighter and, therefore, faster to load. Information is easier to find on these websites because it is highlighted using topics and subtopics. This comes as a great boost to your user experience. Since white space designs are not expected to remain static, a lot of inventions will emerge around the issue.

3D Enhancements

3D is the current craze in graphics design. It makes the objects or graphics to appear real, captivating, and believable. It is one of the ways designers are making their content more engaging to visitors or readers.

3D is being used to create multiple layers on a website. This design helps to enhance the attractiveness of a website by highlighting some of the sections and features. The design will also make the tour to your website memorable.

Contextual Technology

Each website or industry has unique features it desires in order to connect with the target audience. Designers and web developers also have new ideas they are using to reach a particular audience better. It means that websites will not contain the same features. New technology and features are also added to a website based on the target audience.

Future technology for web design is more personalized and contextual. The designers are listening more to the needs and concerns of clients instead of providing similar features and ideas. Contextual technology and customized features will be the order of the day in 2020 and beyond.

AI Inclusion

AI is a technology receiving a lot of attention for web designers. It is used in manufacturing and robotics to guide processes. However, the technology is now being advanced to make it easier and accessible on the website. AI will help visitors to find the specific information or groups of information they are looking for on a website. Further, it will help developers or content developers to understand the behaviors or web usage of visitors so that they can craft the website or content to serve these needs.


Voice technology is increasingly taking center stage in web search. It is already in use, but the results are not yet refined. 2020 is expected to be the year of a breakthrough regarding voice search technology. Websites will incorporate technology that allows easy search on voice. This will be part of the SEO strategy employed by web developers. Customers will also have to adapt to this technology.


The use of people and real objects on websites is turning out to be mundane. The technology does not excite visitors as much because they are used to these features on content. Producing content in image and video formats is also expensive since you have to consider the rights to usage. The animation is the solution that developers are adopting. Animated content is lighter and captivating. It requires simple creativity and will stretch the imagination of visitors to a website such that it becomes interesting and memorable to visit the site.

A lot of attention has been on mobile responsiveness or enhancement. This will continue and even advance in 2023, among other features that web designers must add. Web designers have to stretch their imagination in order to deliver customized solutions to their clients. 2023 is also expected to witness exponential growth in technology, and, therefore, new design requirements will emerge, stretching the imagination of designers.

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