Creativity speaks directly to the masses heavily in today’s day and age– especially in regards to a vibrant social media presence!

With Real Estate Agents now more than ever utilizing platforms like Facebook (now Meta), Twitter, TikTok, Pinterest, Instagram & YouTube to reach new clients and establish their brands, it totally pays to stand out!

As Real Estate Agents, it is crucial to work hard and smart to get the best results as possible, all while valuing time and efficiency. By using the provided templates on these three websites specifically designed for social media use, you can streamline the process of designing your brand; all while maintaining an heir of professionalism & creativity in a way that leaves a strong lasting impression.

Read on to discover the top three tried and true FREE web-browser based design programs that will elevate your brand and social media presence to the absolute next level!

1. Canva

Canva is a FREE web-browser based design program that has thousands of free images allowing the user to create a myriad of exportable graphics and media like:

◦ Youtube Intros
◦ Flyers
◦ Brochures
◦ Inforgraphics
◦ Blog Graphics
◦ Business Cards
◦ Graphs
◦ Customized Calendars
◦ Custom Videos
◦ Customized ZOOM Backgrounds (Cool!)
◦ Reports & Invoices

There are a lot more project templates to choose from for different purposes if you take the time to explore their vast resource of 75+ million stock quality content. If you’re still needing more media to choose from to further customize your brand, you can also pay for a ‘Canva Pro’ Membership which has an increase of 100+ million premium stock content, over 610,000+ templates to choose from, and includes a TikTok Video Editor!

Another valuable tool for any Real Estate Professional to use is: The customizable Brand Kit that’s only available in the Pro version.

Canva is a top notch design tool that has all kinds of neat tools to help the user’s brand stay ahead of the game!

[Canva Pro Membership costs $9.99 to $12.99/month and can include up to 5 people on the yearly plan.]

(Personally, I have yet to scratch the surface with the amazing value Canva has to offer within their free version, but with the upgrades displayed in the Pro version, It is definitely becoming something I can see myself using in the future!)

2. Adobe Creative Cloud Express

Who doesn’t know about the industry standard of quality that Adobe Products bring to the table?

Adobe Creative Cloud Express is an incredible FREE web-browser based design tool with a plethora of industry standard professional graphics, assets, and templates fit for social media content, vector graphics, logos, and more. Not only does Adobe Creative Cloud Express have thousands of stunning, intuitively designed templates; you are able to import Adobe Stock Fonts, Images and Effects–Plus; there are pages upon pages of tutorials & projects to really inspire the user into creating something special.

In Adobe Creative Cloud Express, the user can enhance images into graphics or find templates for:

◦ Animated Social Media Posts
◦ Posters
◦ Instagram Stories
◦ Banners
◦ Business Cards
◦ Youtube Thumbnails
◦ Logos
◦ Flyers
◦ Brochures (Advertisements)
◦ Facebook Stories

If inspired for more content, Adobe offers a Premium Membership for $9.99/monthly and this includes additional templates and design assets, and the ENTIRE collection of Adobe Stock’s royalty-free photo collection. Not to mention staggering 20,000+ Adobe Fonts and cloud storage.

(I personally subscribe to the Adobe Creative Cloud where I can combine my use of Adobe Creative Cloud Express with other useful tools Adobe additionally offers like LightRoom for touching up Real Estate Photos and PremierePro for Video editing.)

3. Pixelied

Lastly is Pixelied– another super effective FREE web-browser based design tool. Pixelied’s interface is more practical and simplified, but still offers offerse immense value in terms of the number of templates offered for any Real Estate Agents branding arsenal.

Pixilied offers templates based on specified platform formats to make sure there are no resizing or formatting issues when uploading to social media. The way the formats are organized prove to be advantageous to time management, as getting lost in the vast amount of creative tools the others offer could pose as an issue. Once a template is worked on however, the design interface resembles that of Canva.

Some of the optimized templates useful for Real Estate professionals on Pixelied include:

◦ Facebook Posts, Banners, Covers, Stories, Ads, & Events
◦ Instagram Ads, Stories, & Posts
◦ Twitter Banners & Posts
◦ Linked In Posts & Banners
◦ Pinterest Pins
◦ YouTube Videos
◦ Email Headers

Within this app, there is the possibility to create product mockups, custom illustrations and icons which can be both handy and advantageous depending on where you envision taking your brand’s direction.

Even though there is a FREE version, Pixelied also offers a paid version which is tailored towards teams, and offers an expanded collection of their asset database. As the most expensive option out of the three, starts at $97/monthly.

4. Honorable Mention: Fiverr

Don’t worry–if you’re not feeling up to utilizing these tools to create your own brand, you are still in luck:

Fiverr is a great platform of freelancers that are talented and skilled in the fields of graphic design and more. You can browse skillsets, and commission an artist to create your assets or anything your brand is lacking specialized and custom just for you.

Who doesn’t love a Win-Win Situation??

🏠 🏡 🏠 🏡🏠 🏡 🏠 🏡🏠 🏡 🏠 🏡🏠 🏡 🏠 🏡🏠 🏡 🏠 🏡🏠 🏡 🏠 🏡 🏠 🏡 🏠 🏡

Sign up to any one of these wonderful websites for access to the web’s best design tools, or hire a freelancer to get the job done right! I hope that as you prioritize your brand’s image with a creative edge, you can create a lasting impression that portrays your individuality & creativity professionally as an agent.

What other websites or tools do you recommend to other professionals who desire a unique personality to their brand?

Comment below and let’s get creative! 🙂

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