Top 10 Real Estate App Features Today’s Buyers & Sellers Want Most

Best Real estate app development by codiant

Best Real estate app development

Buyers and sellers in the real estate app turn away quickly if they don’t get what they want.

If you’re serious about real-estate app, then you need to step up your app development game.

Load your app with customer centric features. Tap your user’s needs and provide them the fast answers.

By the end of this article, you’ll understand how to optimize your real estate app the right way. What features to include to make it customer loved!

Even better? You’ll learn the best strategies that makes buyers and sellers happy and satisfied.

Let’s jump in!

Top 10 Real Estate App Features

1. Multiple User Onboarding Options

User onboarding through various channels is the first step that needs to be considered in real estate app development.

The app owner must offer a simple process to allow buyers and sellers seamlessly register and login.

To make this possible, three basic options can be integrated into the app i.e. social media login, email login, and phone number authentication.

This allows user to gain accessibility and make the login process easier.

2. Listings and Database

This is an important real estate app feature that list down all registered properties with its status. All the available properties are categorized under the ‘For Sale’ and ‘For Renting’ categories. They also include related information like location, price, owner name, other amenities, etc. The user can easily fetch all the required information and can make smart and quick decisions.

Additionally, this real estate app feature for the seller can work wonders. Just give the accessibility to add a new property for sale and rent with the required information and details.

Apart from that, the seller should be able to update the status of an existing property too. With time, the property list in the real estate app will keep on increasing. And this way a huge database will get ready with all the details for future reference.

3. Advanced Search and Filters

The advanced search and filters option in the real estate app development are closely identical to each other. This twin feature fastens the property hunt process.

People often spend hours, days, and even months looking out for the desired property. But they fail to land on the right property due to a lack of advanced filter and search options. This advanced filtering real estate app feature allows users to filter existing properties. All based on their preferred location, budget, property size, specific amenities, etc.

On the other hand, by using the search feature, a user can find the best and ideal property as per their requirements. The basic categories for the advance search are based on size, price, location, and property type, like residential, commercial, etc.

4. Mark Favorite Properties or Wish List

Before finalizing the best property option, people usually keep aside their wanted list of choices for further reference. This supports them to make better decisions. This feature also allows users to shortlist their favorite properties that match their preference list and specifications. The user can access all of their favorite options whenever required and make comparisons between all the chosen options.

The real state app can collect data and analyze the user’s favoritism for property as saved in their wish list. Furthermore, this feature brings efficiency and reduces the redundancy of scrolling back to the previous properties for reference.

5. Interactive Maps and Geolocation

Do you remember the traditional method of searching for property and houses on the unknown roads? The struggle of reaching the desired property location cannot be explained in words. Therefore, integrating maps and geo-location features have become a top priority in real estate app development.

The users can easily reach the property location with the simplified and easy routes guided by the maps. They can also procure other related details of that location before finalizing it.

6. Mortgage Cost Calculator

The property buying decision is majorly dependent on its cost. So, integrating a cost calculator is a smart choice for the success of the app. This real estate app feature allows users to get an estimated amount of the property.

The user can also explore the option of comparing property prices and selecting the best property from the available options. The pre-cost estimation will also let the user manage their expenses precisely to buy the desired property.

7. Image Gallery and Virtual Tour

Property buying seems incomplete without real images and virtual tours of the entire property. Isn’t it? The app owner must integrate this real estate app feature to allow users to visit the property virtually. This saves their traveling time from having an in-person tour.

The virtual tour of the property provides a 3D view of every corner of the property. It lets users feel their live presence in the house. This is a smart way of exploring multiple options without actually spending a lot of time and money on personal visits. Moreover, a collection of clear pictures and videos also provide satisfaction and clarity to the property buying decision.

8. AI-powered In-App Chat

It is essential to offer users a medium to communicate and resolve their queries regarding property dealing. Integrating AI-powered chatbots during the real estate app development allows users to connect with the real-estate agencies 24*7. This, ultimately enhances the property conversion rates and customer satisfaction level.

The AI integration enhances the search process by easily answering repetitive questions. It can also offer smart recommendations based on users search.

Moreover, users get unbiased support and statistics from the app that ultimately simplifies the user decision-making process. Other than this, such real estate app features can eliminate the language barrier as well.

The apps even support agencies to easily connect with people from different regions.

9. Push Notifications

If you want to rule the customer’s mind then this feature is a must-have in the real-estate app development. As a real estate app owner, you can connect with your prospects anytime by exercising the push notification feature.

This feature introduces the user to new updates, price fluctuations, new property additions, etc. It can also act as a strong marketing tool. A tool that helps in promoting and advertising new sellers/brokers. A tool that supports third-party businesses, new offers, and other essential services.

The push notification real estate app feature must be intelligently curated with a personalized touch.

However, always remember that people should gain value from notifications. It must be sent only to the intended audience to avoid any annoying experience.

10. Check My Neighbourhood

Humans have the natural urge to get know about their locality, neighbourhood, and top hotspots nearby. “Check my neighbourhood” can be an innovative and must-have real estate app feature. It offers users an opportunity to explore the neighbourhood of the preferred property.

This feature also provide detailed information like resident reviews, photos, drone footage, etc.

Additionally, the feature is not restricted to this limited information. Users can even discover nearby schools, hospitals, shopping complexes, and other related information.

Summing Up!
Supercharge your growth by leveraging these top real estate app features. These features are optimized to encourage app installs. They even bring qualified leads, increase customer satisfaction, and boost customer loyalty.

Still, if you’re not hitting the goals and benchmarks you have decided, dig into your analytics. And you’ll figure out where people are dropping off. This way you can make your real estate app development future proof and customer loved.

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