6 Tips To Winning Early Customers’ Love Through An Eventful Product Launch


A product launch is always a great way to showcase your platform or system, create a hype around it, catch eyeballs, intrigue users to participate in the unveiling, and get some great sales. 

The more you reach customers with your exciting new product, the more you can have people talking about the product in the market, thus adding fuel to your campaigning activities. 

But wait, are you planning to just conduct a regular product launch event like a boring webinar? Don’t you have ideas to keep your customers coming back or show some love or fall in love with your product or the brand?

When launching a product, it is important that you make your customers feel important apart from providing your excellent product. And below we list a few tips that will bring life to your product launches and shower love from your attendees. 

Choose a memorable, relevant, and exciting event theme

Every attendee would love to talk about your event if the launch feels real and engaging. Choosing a theme is very important, in fact, the first step of catching audiences’ eyeballs. 

Any event that sounds boring or has the regular activities involved will see customer bounces. Afterall, users are investing some hours into your product launch, if they are not entertained, they may just drop out. 

Make sure that the theme is relevant to your product, yet exciting. The activities you offer in the launch event must be a lead-in for the product. 

Never conduct a product launch without some entertainment

Now that the events are conducted virtually, the entertainment factor is a must have for event registrations and grabbing their attention. While the audience invests their time in attending your product launches, they would love to be entertained. 

And organizations that provide great entertainment amidst the event are the ones to capture attendees’ attention post event. 

Be mindful about the event timings

While audiences hate suspenses, they also love to check out the great upcoming products in the market. 

Now there are two ways of launching your product, first, you conduct the event on the same day as the product release, and second, you create teasers of your product and conduct the event after a few days. 

Any which way you choose, remember that your customers love to be surprised with exciting videos, or graphics, or stories, or animations. If you are planning to release a teaser of your product a few days ago, that is a great idea of implementation. But you must create a journey that blows your customers’ minds. 

And also conduct the event on a day that is feasible, probably a holiday in most parts of the world, as per a common time so that you have audiences from all over the world. 

Choose a compatible event platform

Your virtual product launch is almost impossible without an up-to-date event platform. Choosing to implement an event platform that does not support basic and complex levels of automation will only complicate the product launch and the management of the attendees. 

Use an event platform like Goldcast that has been trusted by partners all over the world for its capability to turn virtual events into a Netflix show. Goldcast is built to accelerate your sales funnel and convert more while you are conducting virtual events. 

Social media activities before the launch

Put together an online marketing campaign that not only talks about your product, but intrigues them to check you out. Even before the product launch, you can convert a viewer as your follower if your social media tactics are great. 

Don’t overdo the activities or pester people online. Just create best strategies and involve experts from the industry. Slowly unveil your efforts and showcase the product by engaging with all your viewers, followers, and commenters. 

Share behind-the-scenes content

These days BTS contents are a trend. Attendees love to relive the moments that made them smile, or be happy, or engage with people. Showing more of BTS videos humanizes your online presence and provides the viewers with an immersive experience. 

While the BTS scenes are not shared during the event, it is a great way to make your attendees fall in love with your brand and the efforts. How much ever tired your team is post the event, get on work to create some exciting snippets from the event that will not only catch eyeballs, but intrigue users to engage with the content. 

Don’t forget to follow-up

Just how happy your attendees will be to watch the BTS content, they would be happier to receive great follow-up emails. Follow-up techniques are a great way to convert leads to sales and show that the brand cares for their audience. 

It is also a great way to convert leads to sales. Now that the audience has seen your product, they have a fair idea about the technology, and if it suits their needs, they will be happy to talk to you. But if you don’t follow-up, you will be missing on these leads. 

Now, make sure to set up an exciting follow-up procedure, not just a boring set of emails asking them about the event experience, or what they liked, or what they disliked. 

Put so much value in your follow-ups that they are forced to respond back and talk to you. 

It is time for the launch 

Product launch events are first-hand experiences of your product in front of an audience. While you are working to make your product perfect, work more towards grabbing audiences’ attention, and incline them towards your brand and the efforts you put. 

The moment you solely think about your product, you may lose the audience for your next product launch or webinar!

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