Things Burlington Homeowners Should Do In The Fall


The days are shorter, the air has a chill, and the leaves change colour before they fall off the trees. It’s fall, and homeowners must ensure their home is in the best shape to be ready for the harsh elements. Here’s our list to have your home ready for fall.

Clean the Gutters

The leaves may look beautiful on the trees as they change colour, but once they fall, they’ll clog up gutters which can cause water damage, pest infestations, and a general headache. An easy way to clean those grimy gutters is to take an old spatula and run it inside and along the edges. (ideally plastic so as not to scratch)

After cleaning the gutters, take a look at any window wells. A build-up of leaves in the window well is comparable to a pool liner. With nowhere for the water to drain after a fall storm. The water will find itself pouring unencumbered into the home. 

Trim Trees

The best time for homeowners to trim the trees is before the leaves fall off. It’ll be easier to tell if a branch is dead while the tree still has leaves. Regular trimming of the trees will help protect them against disease or an infestation of insects. It will also guard the home against branches unable to support heavy snow.

Take Care of the Lawn

Did you know it is essential to water the lawn in the fall? The summer heat causes a lot of stress to the green turf, and with winter on its way, the grass will need as much strength as possible. Watering is especially crucial if the lawn receives fertilizer in the fall. Finally, when it’s time for the last mow of the season, cut that grass shorter than you would do it in the summer. Shorter grass reduces the likelihood of snow mould and will encourage new grass growth come spring. When packing away the garden hose, remember to drain it and remove it from the outdoor faucet at the first sign of freezing temperatures. Frozen water left in an untended hose can destroy the hose and cause cracked pipes. Don’t forget to drain the faucet and turn off the shut-off valve inside the home.

Change Furnace Filter

Furnace filters should be changed every 90 days or more frequently if pets live in the home. Not only will clean filters keep the furnace running optimally. But they will make the air in the home fresher to avoid illnesses.

Is it Time to Paint?

Exterior paint does more than make the house look fantastic. It is another layer of protection for the siding against the wind and the sun. The siding is no longer protected if the exterior paint has started to peel. It is time to do a fresh paint job before the harshness of winter.

Fire Extinguishers

While keeping a fire extinguisher in the kitchen is encouraged, having one in the basement and the garage is also a good idea. Remember that not all fire extinguishers are the same. A fire extinguisher should be Class B, rated for kitchen grease, gasoline, oil, solvents, and oil-based paint. Replace your kitchen fire extinguishers every 12 years. But be aware that they need a recharge after each use or charged after six years without use. Ensuring all house members know how to use a fire extinguisher is also very important.

These tips are projects that homeowners could do, if there is any doubt, it’s not a bad thing to call a professional to help.

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