The Benefits of Purpose-Built Student Accommodation


Accommodation for your university-going son or daughter is no longer limited to questionable private halls and university halls of residence. Central student accommodation options are purpose-built for housing your child while providing them with an array of amenities to ensure a smooth university-life experience.

Purpose-built student accommodation is a suitable solution if the student prefers staying within the city, with easy access to grocery stores, public spaces, and cafes. Here are four key benefits of staying in student accommodation.

The community feeling

Such student residences provide students with a chance to live in a comfortable space with like-minded peers, offering a great sense of community spirit. A positive community around your child is likely to have a big impact during and after their university life. Organized events at student accommodation complexes provide students with a chance to meet up and socialize.

No surprise bills

Staying at student accommodation ensures that it will not overwhelm your child with a constant bevy of bills. The rental rate usually covers all utilities, so there are no financial uncertainties while living at a student flat. Everything is paid for either in one or two lump sums, and there are no nasty surprise expenses.

The electricity and water cost the same, no matter how much a student uses. Plus, the student does not have to waste time comparing different internet service provider contracts—accommodation management includes it in the rent!

Depending on the accommodation your child chose, the room rate also includes:

  • All kitchen essentials
  • Air-conditioning
  • Accommodation

A study-oriented environment

Central student accommodation removes managing items like broadband, utility bills, and bins off the list of tasks to do, making it easier for students to focus on their studies. Since there are no other matters that require their attention, managers of purpose-built accommodation concentrate their energy on ensuring the students’ wellbeing.

As your child transitions to university, his or her focus should be on earning the degree and doing it well. Accommodation managers provide a quality, reliable service so students feel they get the support needed to work on their assignments. It is also reassuring to parents that there is a professional team that is working behind the scene to keep things running smoothly.

A chance to live an independent life

Living away at home and in university is a splendid opportunity for students to gain independence. Student accommodation provides a chance for an independent life while removing the pressure of private renting. Further, these residences are not as restrictive or overly monitored as university halls.

While staying at the accommodation, your child learns how to manage their time, get organized, and clean, and cook properly. Sharing common areas teaches a lot about the value of tolerance and flexibility, and students also learn how to deal with conflicts arising from living with people from different backgrounds.

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