A woman staging a home.

Professional photos make a huge difference in real estate home staging. A picture is worth a thousand words, but beyond that, a beautifully staged home means potential buyers are more inclined to see the house in person.   

Typically, a professional real estate photographer will help with the staging. Here are some tips on how sellers can start preparing the home before meeting with a REALTOR® or photographer.

Home Staging-Deep Clean & Declutter

A deep clean is imperative. The cleaner a house appears, the more buyers will think it has been well taken care of. While deep cleaning, sellers should remove extraneous furniture. A cluttered room (even if it has a purpose) allows the photographer to highlight the room itself. Which is what potential buyers want to see. The ultimate goal is to have buyers imagine what the room would look like with their furniture. It becomes difficult to visualize if the space is too full of the seller’s furniture. As well as removing unneeded furniture to give the impression of a larger room, it is time to remove personal items like family photos. 

Staging the Living Room

Think about how to highlight the function of each room. For example, the living room is often the heart of a house. It’s where people gather when they visit, where the fireplace is, and where homeowners tend to cosy up on their couches and watch TV. If the living room is closed off with the placing of the furniture, then the feeling of comfort and welcome will not translate. Make sure windows are open with light curtains so as not to dampen the natural lighting. Arrange the furniture so potential buyers can imagine themselves sitting and enjoying a wonderful conversation with other people.

Place a decorative piece on a coffee table or the hearth that will amplify the emotion the room is to convey.

Staging the Kitchen

The kitchen should have clear countertops with only a few things showcased. Think of the most popular countertop appliances and have one or two remainings. Perhaps that means a toaster (without evidence of any crumbs) and a coffee maker. Consider adding an accent piece that shows off the function of the kitchen, such as a  bowl of fruit or a loaf of banana bread cooling off on the stove. It will give a splash of colour to the room, give off the right vibes for a kitchen, and add an inviting smell to the home. 

Staging the bedroom

Sellers should stage bedrooms in the house for their purpose. If the home has an empty bedroom currently used as a storage catchall. It’s time to remove the storage and put a bed inside – even if it’s a simple twin bed. A bedroom should house the bed, and a dresser, clear of personal items and clutter. Replace heavy, dark-coloured curtains with lighter fares to show off the natural lighting in the room. While removing personal items like family portraits from the walls is essential, it’s equally important not to leave a feature wall blank. Consider replacing a family portrait with a piece of abstract art. 

Staging the Dining Room

Whether the dining room is used for family meals or as an office, stage the room for eating when preparing the room for photos. Set the table with placemats and dinnerware that isn’t chipped or stained. The table should not be full of paper,  cords, or computers. It should be clear of clutter, with perhaps a centre piece of napkins. 

Staging the Bathroom

While the bathrooms may be the smallest rooms in the house, the photographer may wish to feature them in the real estate photos. Once again, remove any clutter. Make the room sparkle, ensuring the bathtub is clear of stains and other build-ups. Place a towel on the tub’s edge and add some travel-size shampoos and conditioners to give the illusion of a spa.

Remember when staging the home to keep colours fairly neutral on walls and furniture. Add colour to a room with a vase of fresh flowers, a warm blanket draped over the arm of a couch, or a bedding set with a pop of colour. Removing personal and distracting items will help potential viewers envision themselves and their belongings in the home. Staging homes are proven to help sell homes faster, so investing your time in readying the house will pay off!

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