Show Your Yard Some TLC with These Upgrades Before Hosting Parties


If you’re like us, you’ve probably been on the edge of your seat waiting for summer to finally make an appearance. It’s that time of year when you can kick off your shoes, dip your toes in the pool and crack open an ice cold… beverage. Why, it’s even a great time of year to roll up your sleeves and make some big improvements to your backyard – especially if you plan on putting your house on the market soon

A common question people have prior to doing a bunch of upgrades to their yard prior to selling is where to start. What upgrades will give you the best return on your investment while appealing to a large group of buyers? Well, you’ve come to the right place! 

According to insights from top agents who participated in HomeLight’s 2021 survey, these are the features that buyers are vying for when they’re looking for a new abode.

Installing an in-ground swimming pool

Above ground pools were popular a few decades ago and while they’re still nice to have, buyers really want an in-ground pool. There’s something about an in-ground pool that screams “luxury” and “summer fun,” don’t you think? When you install an in-ground pool, make sure you have a safety fence surrounding it because safety is a huge priority for many buyers (and insurance companies!). 

Create lighting arrangements for ambiance

Lighting is important no matter the scenario. If you’re trying to create a romantic evening under the stars, you aren’t going to want a motion detector flood light flickering on while you’re whispering sweet nothings in your love’s ear. Likewise, you aren’t going to want to fumble in the dark trying to get from one point in the backyard to another. That’s why buyers are looking for houses that have adequate lighting, but also the right kind of lighting. We mean lights along the walkways, recessed lights where applicable, torch lighting for drama. You get the idea. 

Amp up your grill game with a built-in grill

Grills are synonymous with summertime and while you may have an old, rusted charcoal grill or an outdated propane beast, it’s time to upgrade to something better. When a master griller is looking for a jaw-dropping set up, a built-in grill is just one part of the ultimate dream. Not sure how you can work one of these into your own backyard? Here’s a few great ideas to spark your inspiration. 

Bring the inside out with an outdoor living area

Sitting outside on the typical patio furniture is fine and well, but if you want to heighten your backyard and entertaining prowess, you’ll want to create an outdoor living area where you have all the comforts of the living room but you’re surrounded by fresh air and nature. Check out these outdoor living area ideas to see what configuration and set up may work best in your yard. 

Spacious areas for fun yard games

When you talk about entertaining in the summer, you know there are going to be some fun games being played! In order to play all of the games your guests love the most, you’ll need to have ample space to do so, right? That’s why buyers are interested in yards that utilize the space they do have in a way that’s both functional and attractive. But if you’re short on space, you can never go wrong with a really well-maintained lawn. 

If you’ve lived in your home for a significant amount of time, deciding to put your home on the market is a difficult choice to make. There are a lot of memories in that house and we tend to factor in those memories when we choose a listing price. The thing is, when you sell your home, you have to go by its actual value (a realtor can suggest a listing price if you are having a hard time with that). 

The good thing about making upgrades like the ones mentioned here, is that you can recoup that investment when you sell. So while you may not be selling right now, your investment will pay off once buyers start making offers!

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