Should I Sell My Mobile Home With A Realtor?


I have been selling mobile homes for several years and I would be lying to you if I said it was a good idea to use a realtor. In certain cases, if the park is in high demand and your home is in great condition, it may be worth using a realtor.

There are plenty of good realtors out there on zillow and on If you are going to use a realtor to sell your mobile home, just make sure they have at least 20-30 reviews and they have a lot of experience selling mobile homes specifically. You also have to ask yourself: Are you willing to wait 6-8 months to sell your mobile home? How much money are you going to lose on space rent during that time? What is their commission to sell your mobile home? So many people sit on space rent for months or even YEARS before they sell their mobile home.

By the time they sell their manufactured home with a realtor, they have lost so much money on space rent it doesn’t even make up the difference. Not only that, but the amount of time and stress can take a toll on your life. Sometimes, trying to sell your mobile home can feel like you have a giant weight wrapped around your ankle! You literally can’t move on with your life, move into a new home or take a vacation until this home is sold. Fortunately, there are solutions.

Many mobile home investors are ready and willing to buy your home for cash. Often, you will be able to sell the home in AS-IS condition, make zero repairs and close with cash in two weeks or less. I even know several investors who will clean your mobile home for you and let you walk away without doing anything! That alone can be worth it! I made a small chart below to show you the advantages and disadvantages of both options.

Cash SaleRealtor Sale
Fast cash and no hassle.

But you will get a lower cash offer.

No repairs needed. Sell AS-IS.Immediately stop paying space rent.

Investors can close in two weeks.

Potentially more cash for your home.
Especially if it’s a newer home.

Need to make repairs in order to sell the home at the highest price.

Need to pay space rent while waiting to sell the home.

Regular buyers often drop out of escrow causing the house to delay sale for months or years.

Which option sounds best for your current situation? Remember, selling your mobile home shouldn’t be a stressful process. It should be quick and easy. Sometimes, it is better to take a little less money up front for your mobile home in order to walk away from the situation a lot faster. You might be surprised. In the long run, you may end up making more money selling your home fast than waiting to sell. It’s really up to you to decide what is best for your situation! Visit us for more details

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