New Art and New Estates in Clyde North


With new suburbs popping up all over Melbourne, there’s plenty of opportunities to create public spaces that everyone can enjoy. Shared public spaces can help build a sense of community and bring everyone a little closer together.

People of all ages can enjoy local parks, playgrounds and sports facilities. One of the more recent trends for public spaces involves public art pieces. Around booming property estates of Melbourne, you’ll find plenty of areas dedicated to public art displays.

Public art can help transform the look of public spaces. Art pieces can inspire residents and help promote the local art scene. Art displays can help capture the imagination of locals and inspire the next generation of budding young artists to make their mark on the world.

New public art trails

Art sculptures have the fantastic ability to transform the look and feel of public space. Popular tourist destinations are brought to life by inspiring sculptures that stand out in landscapes around the city, wineries, and other inspired locations like Heide Park in Melbourne.

Art sculptures help to promote tourism to local areas around Australia. Sculptures can inspire and capture the imagination of people from all walks of life. It’s just one of the reasons why you’ll see an influx of tourists visiting popular sculpture destinations.

Sculpture parks and public art trails are becoming increasingly popular in Melbourne. They provide visitors with an experience, a journey through natural surroundings that feature truly inspired works of art.

With a growing interest in the environment and recycling initiatives, you may be surprised to know that most public sculptures are now made from recycled materials. Recycled materials such as plastic, rubber, metal, and wood can all be used to great effect without harming the environment.

Benefits to the community

There are many benefits to establishing public art displays for areas like the new estates in Clyde North. Public spaces, like sculpture parks, create commissions for local artists. The creation of sculptures for new estates in Clyde North and other booming suburbs help to create an ecosystem that supports local artists.

Public art can also be used as a way to give areas their own identity. When local residents connect with a new community, it helps to have things that add to the aesthetic of the local area. Local wildlife, landscapes, buildings and amenities all contribute to the aesthetics of a neighbourhood. Public sculptures are a perfect example of something that adds to the identity of a local area.

Local art can also be used as a way to generate more of an understanding of culture. Different beliefs and perspectives can be represented with a work of art. When members of a community start to understand and acknowledge different cultures, you can start to generate a more tight-knit community.

Many communities in Australia are full of people that identify with different cultures and nationalities. When these local cultures are represented through art, you can help to generate a more profound sense of respect and understanding amongst the community.

Visit the New Bloom for inspiration

Visit the new housing developments in Clyde North, and you’ll get to experience a new public art trail. This new attraction runs through Bloom and the New Bloom housing development in Clyde North. Sculptures on display like the Bloom Billy Buttons take inspiration from the area’s native fauna and represents the growth of the new estates in Clyde North.

So if you’re a local art lover, there’s more than one reason to visit the New Bloom in Clyde North. See the new public art trail for yourself and experience what it’s like to be in one of Melbourne’s fastest-growing property estates.

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