How You’ll Like to Move It, Move It: How to Enjoy Moving from One Apartment to Another


Moving to a new place is exciting yet exhausting at the same time. After stressing out about finding the right apartment for you, you should give yourself a break and plan how to make the moving day as smooth as possible. Next to contacting movers in advance to avoid the hassle, you can also do a couple of things yourself to make the process easier. 

So if it’s your first time moving from one apartment to another, you may want to check these tips.

1. Try box hunting and buy other moving tools

Before you start removing your things from shelves and cabinets, make sure you have your own moving kit. Moving may cost a lot so try finding used boxes that are still sturdy. Other items that will be useful for your moving kit are scissors, a box cutter, all-purpose ropes or straps, tape, bubble wrap, and old newspapers. 

2. To bring or not to bring?

Consider leaving some things behind before you start packing. Have a toss or keep game where you can invite a friend to help you decide. When you see an item, count 1 to 5, and then decide. You have to make up your mind because it’ll just get even harder if you think about the memories, plus it’s time-consuming.  

You can also donate or sell things that you no longer need. But if you still don’t know what to do with your items, you may rent a storage unit while deciding.

3. Pack with a plan!

Now, let’s start packing! Make it more fun by inviting your friends or neighbors when packing your stuff. Gather them together and orient them about how you want to pack and which items go together. Start from one room to another, and don’t forget to separate important things that you might need afterward like hygiene items, snacks, gadgets, and personal belongings.

Put the heavy items at the bottom of the boxes, and the lighter ones on top. If possible, fragile appliances such as the TV should be packed in individual boxes. You don’t want to end up with broken things. 

4. Remember classic packing hacks

Since a lot of people have been moving, there are packing hacks created for our convenience:

🗹 Wrap plates, glasses, mirrors, and other fragile things that may break with old newspapers or bubble wrap, then stack them properly. You should also do this with sharp objects such as knives and scissors.

🗹 Assign a distinct color to boxes that represent each room using packaging tapes. Use the basics like blue, yellow, green, and orange.

🗹 Label wires using masking tapes and markers 

🗹 Remove the lid of your shampoo bottle and other liquids, put plastic wrap, then cover again. This will prevent you from the terror of having spilled lotion all over your stuff.

🗹 Fill your drawers and cabinets with other items to save more boxes. Don’t remove your clothes from your dresser. Just secure the doors.

5. Separate valuables and documents

Important items such as jewelry, bank books, antiques, heirlooms, personal documents, and collections should be packed in a different box. You can keep this with your car when you move. 

6. On moving day, clean before you leave

Make sure to clean all spots of your apartment before moving out. Remove unnecessary nails and patch the walls to prevent extra charges. Just think of this as a consideration for the next tenant.

7. Be ready for moving time 

Set everything up before the movers arrive. Have an inventory of all the boxes you have before they load them into the truck. While they load your things, check your list if they have all of them. Advise them to take extra care when carrying fragile items.

8. Arriving at your new apartment

When you arrive at your new place, ask the movers to put the boxes in the room according to your color codes. It’ll be easier for you to unpack when everything’s in the same room. 

9. Unpack and start a new life

Starting fresh calls for new inspiration. Before decorating your new space, you may check display homes or online photos for home design ideas. Browsing ideas online isn’t just a time saver but an enjoyable activity too!

Next, clean your apartment before opening any boxes. You don’t need to clean it all at once. You can clean the bedroom first and do the others for the next few days. You can play your favorite playlist while setting things up. Then after that, it’s time for a fresh start!

Have any more moving tips to share? Let us know, and comment your answers below!

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