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Buying or selling a house can be a mammoth task. And if you don’t have an understanding of how things work in the estate world, then you can quickly become a victim of fraud.

So, hiring a professional to do all the dealing will be the best decision when you seek to buy or sell a property.

With the massive number of real estate agents seeking hiring, you must ensure that the agent you go for is suitable for the job.

Types of Real Estate Agents Needed

Before setting off in choosing your agent, decide what kind of agent do you need.

The agent can act as a guide during the whole process of home purchase or sale. For those buying a home for the first time, a real estate agent can help you assess different mortgage programs. You can utilize their knowledge before applying for a loan.

In the case of sellers, the agent’s entry, sooner than later, eliminates the unnecessary steps in prepping a house for the market. This is because, during the interview in the initial stages, the agent will help you in deciding which repairs, updates, and renovations will help you get the most out of your property.

Talking to a Lender

It is essential to talk to a mortgage lender BEFORE going for home shopping. If you get preapproved for a mortgage, it will benefit you by helping you gather the maximum amount you can borrow and prepare better for the issues that might come up.

Finding the Right Real Estate Agent

You can look for an agent by asking friends, neighbors, or family members. There is a major chance they will recommend someone competent for the job. But be sure about making the right decision even if they recommend someone. Talk to at least three agents and then select the best one you think is the most suitable for you.

You can also look online or around your neighborhood. Here are some other places where you can find real estate agents:

  • For sale banners in your neighborhood
  • Real estate association websites
  • Neighbors who recently sold their homes
  • “Best of” or “top 10” lists

You can research the potential candidates by examining the agent’s online presence – their website and social media accounts. Search if they have any reviews. One or two negative reviews are okay, but anything more than that is a red flag.

Some questions to ask the Agents

Before finalizing a real estate agent, have a meeting with him in which be prepared with some questions that will help you judge the candidate’s potential. You can ask them the following questions:

  • How many clients do you deal with at one time?
  • How long is your experience?
  • What area do you cover?
  • What communication is feasible, for example, calls or emails?

Confirm If the Agent Is Trustworthy

One of the most important things to do is to verify if your ‘agent’ isn’t a scammer. You can do this by doing the following things:

  • Ask to have a look at the agent’s real estate license
  • See the brokerage’s information
  • Ask for references about how the agent does business.

Contract review

If a deal strikes to sell your home, you’ll have to sign a contract with the agent. In contains the total commission you’ll pay upon the sale of the property, the time frame the agent will sell the property before the contract runs out, and other responsibilities of both you and the agent.

Ensure everything you discussed before it is included in the contract, for example, a specific marketing plan for the home. This will not lead to any quarrels later on.

Preparation to Buy or Sell

After selecting an agent, it’s time to go on with the buying, selling, or both. Agents will look for houses suitable for the buyer’s needs, and they will advise sellers on what kind of work they should carry out on their property so that it sells for a handsome amount. This work can include:

  • Thorough cleaning of the entire house
  • Painting walls
  • Exterior landscaping
  • Decluttering interior spaces
  • Moderate renovations for outdated rooms
  • Staging the home

With the repairs completed and a serious convo about what the home is truly worth, you won’t have to sit in the market for too long because you will eliminate overpricing the property.

To execute a successful sale, an honest conversation is needed in the first place.

Your agent will also help you put an offer for a home you set your eyes on while touring different homes. The agent will contact the seller’s agent to submit the offer and will simultaneously keep notifying you regarding the negotiations. And well, the final decision has to be made by you.


If you want to buy a house or plan to sell yours, hiring a genuine real estate agent will solve half your problems. This is because they are masters of their field and know what to do, which normal homeowners don’t. If you plan to sell your house or buy a new house, follow the above steps and hire your very own real estate agent.

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