A beach in Florida

Florida continues to be one of the most popular destinations for a home purchase in the USA. Contrary to what was expected, Florida’s real estate market became even hotter in 2020. Let’s take a look at some home features buyers in Florida want the most at the moment.

Beautiful landscaping

The year 2020 changed almost all of our plans and made us reconsider some of our values. People have been quarantined long enough to come to appreciate the importance of spending time in nature. Many homebuyers who haven’t prioritized nice backyards before now add those to their list of must-haves. Spending time outside with the people you love most became a precious experience, and you are lucky if you can do it in your own backyard.

A house with fantastic landscaping.
Curb appeal matters

Luckily, Florida has such a climate that allows you to spend most of the year outside. As a rule, properties with lavish interiors usually come with fantastic exteriors as well. The Florida climate is beneficial to many trees and plants, making it easier for landscaping professionals to express themselves. No special photo editing techniques are needed there since Florida backyards really look amazing. Naturally, properties overlooking the ocean, or the mountains are always in demand, too, since a nice view is one of the most important home features buyers in Florida want.

Smart home features

People want smart homes nowadays, so features like central heating, air conditioning, and security systems are not enough at the moment. Cameras, sensors, voice commands, and being able to control just about everything – these are just some of the essential characteristics smart homes offer to their owners.

Buyers now expect their smart showers installed in bathrooms, they want to be able to listen to the same music in every part of their home, and they want their coffee maker to switch on by itself and welcome them with fresh coffee every morning. Smart living is definitely convenient, and that is something Florida buyers are ready to pay for.

Energy efficiency is one of the priorities

Environmental awareness is a big deal in Florida nowadays. New buyers want to see that their homes are not only efficient in a way that they save energy, but they would also like to see them producing some. Solar panels are getting more and more popular every day. In a state that gets as much sunshine as Florida, anything else would be a waste. Sustainable homes are in high demand, which is why people hire the best agents to find them. The buyer is the one who sets the criteria, while the expert should lead the process of finding the place and negotiating.

People installing solar panels

Solar panels are one of the home features buyers in Florida want the most.

Energy-saving appliances are also something that home buyers in Florida expect to get for their money. Those usually include washing machines and dishwashers with cycles that consume less water and fridges that need less energy to keep your food fresh and optimally cool. Of course, there are many more appliances that save energy, but these are the ones that potential buyers look at when they consider buying a property.

Doors and windows

Not paying enough attention to doors and windows is one of the mistakes to avoid when buying a property in Florida. Prudent homebuyers look for impact doors and windows. They want to make sure that they are safe from hurricanes and storms once they appear. At the same time, they want doors and windows that are big enough to let in enough natural light. The latest technologies are responsible for models that can even control the indoor temperature.

Amenities are always a plus

Having a separate laundry room is a deal maker for some buyers, while others would not sign the purchase agreement unless they see a modern, spacious home office. With remote working becoming a new reality in many industries, a home office or a room that can easily become one is a top amenity sought by most buyers in Florida and pretty much everywhere in the States. People who have entirely switched to working from home can now choose where they want to live regardless of their office location. If there is one good thing that the pandemic has brought, it is that now movers can get you to any part of the state, and you can still perform the work you love from the comfort of your home.

A nice and clean home office

Home office became one of the most wanted amenities.

Personal gyms or spa facilities within a home are still widely popular and in-demand on the Florida real estate market. Buyers who can afford more luxurious properties expect to have a swimming pool in their backyard too.

A modern kitchen is still one of the home features buyers in Florida want the most

Can you even imagine a real estate video presenting a home without making the kitchen the center of attention? We can’t, and neither can Florida buyers. Some prefer their kitchen to be more traditional, while others crave modern features, but they all agree that it needs to be light and spacious.

Those were some essential home features buyers in Florida want most. Other aspects are a matter of personal preferences and finances. Good luck finding your place to call home in the Sunshine State!

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