Building a garage involves a lot of planning and there are many things to keep in mind. Here are our top tips on what is important to keep in mind when building a garage.

1. Check what you are allowed to build

Always start by contacting your municipality to see what rules exist. The detailed plan often contains regulations for size, total height, building height and so on.

In some places, there are even indications for the types of roofing or color choices required to approve a building permit. It is better to check any restrictions before you start planning than to be allowed to change during the building permit process.

2. Order the garage first

One of the most common mistakes made is that you opt for a foundation size you think you are going to build. It often ends up that you have to make expensive adjustments for the garage to fit the foundation.

First decide which garage to build and make sure you get the drawings for the foundation ready before you build the concrete foundation

Many are in need of extra storage, living space or space for hobbies. The garage is a good opportunity to make room for this.

People want somewhere to store seasonal items such as summer furniture, winter clothes, garden items or sports equipment. Others want extra living space and are looking at a garage upstairs.

3. Does the garage have to be fire rated?

When you are going to build a garage, the location can affect whether you need fire protection or not. A simple rule is that if your garage ends up closer to the residential building than eight meters, you should have fire protection.

The requirement applies to the part of the garage that ends up within eight meters of the nearest building. It is enough that one of the buildings is fire-protected, so if your house meets the current fire class, the garage does not need to be fire-rated. Your house supplier must be able to report information on the fire classification of your house.

4. Garage door with motor – for a simpler everyday life

Sales of door machines are increasing due to their great practicality. Today, more people tend to order doors with motors than without. The biggest benefit of a motorized garage door is for most people the convenience of everyday life that it entails.

Avoiding getting out of the car to open and close the door results in increased use of the garage. Something that many may not have thought of is that the motorized door also gets a very soft and even opening and closing movement, which results in less wear on the garage door and in turn results in a longer service life. With today’s prices, buying a garage door motor is a relatively inexpensive investment. Also consider whether you want a large or two smaller gates.

5. Insulate the garage

If you are going to insulate your garage, a common question is how much to insulate in that case. The answer is that it depends on how the garage is to be used and where you live. Most people choose an insulated garage, as many see the benefits that an insulated garage can provide. In an insulated garage, you can store things that are not allowed to freeze during the winter, such as summer plants, paint cans, the boat engine or the like. With an insulated garage, you also get a warm workplace during the winter.

6. Create the right storage

With the right garage interior, you can create a nice garage that holds a lot. The garage is a perfect place for storage. It is not just garden tools or car care products that should fit. With today’s open floor plans in residential buildings, many people create extra clothes storage in the garage.

Hockey equipment, skis and winter boots need their place in the summer, while fishing equipment, outdoor furniture and summer toys need space to be stored for the winter. It is important to remove the items from the floor and with cabinets, drawers and shelves you can use both walls and ceilings for storage.

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