Golden Global Opportunities: Schengen Visas


Real estate investing comes with perks with this ‘Golden Visa’ in certain members of the Schengen Area.

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Named after Luxembourg’s Schengen Village, the Schengen Agreement that was signed on June 14, 1985 was put in place to create a borderless Europe with unrestricted travel between 26 European States.

With countries having been added to the agreement at the intervals of every few years; this “Schengen Area” now allows 62 different countries to freely travel throughout each other without needing a visa. They follow the rules of the Schengen Acquis — which is the set legislations and rules put in place that make the “Schengen Area” possible. The Schengen Visa is a visa that allows a traveler to travel to the entire Schengen Area for up to 90 days for business or tourism. A valid passport is still required to enter the area.

Some may question the security of such an agreement allowing unrestricted travel between EU country borders, But the Schengen Information System (SIS) is the security measure in place by the member states in order to keep tabs on any suspicious activity. Although not considered a technical ‘border check’; Police will still wield their authority in carrying out checks at the borders for specific reasons. They might inquire about travellers’ length of stay, proof of accommodation, sufficient funds or proof of official travel. This is to make sure travellers do not violate the Schengen Acquis, or time allotted by the issued visas they carry. It is highly stressed that if an official enquires about your trip, to make sure you are also given an entry stamp to avoid being detained or fined.

Now where is the ‘Golden Opportunity’ you might ask?

The EU members with struggling economies looking to boost their GDP are extending “Golden Visas” to investors willing to invest in their economies by capital transfer, donation, or real estate acquisition.

A “Golden Visa” is a visa that extends incentives (like citizenship or residency for example) to individuals that healthily invest in a country’s economy.

Some of these countries include:

◦ Greece
◦ Italy
◦ Austria
◦ Cyprus
◦ Malta
◦ Spain
◦ Portugal

These locations also offer Golden Visas:

The Republic of Ireland
◦ Switzerland
◦ Abu Dhabi
◦ St. Kitts
◦ Dominica
◦ Antigua & Barbuda
◦ St Lucia
◦ Grenada

◦ Montenegro
◦ Turkey
◦ Bulgaria
◦ Vanatu
◦ Germany
◦ Anguilla
◦ Moldova

and more.

Even the United States offers a Golden Visa opportunity with met requirements: an approved $900,000 investment and approved EB5 or EB2 Investor Visa form.

The U.K. has one as well, with a $2 million investment and other requirements.

Investing in these countries has benefits that extend farther than just having a safe way to store wealth. It is also about being able to travel seamlessly between potential portfolio properties without restriction. These countries that are giving out opportunities for Golden Visas offer bold incentives like residency & citizenship for those who invest considerable and above average sums into the economy. Further incentives can include tax cuts, discounts on healthcare, restaurants or even cars. These incentives vary by state. Some countries will also want to verify that you’re using your own funds, and that your funds have been legally acquired.

If you have ever dreamt of retiring in a gorgeous European Country? Have you ever desired a lifestyle where you traveled unrestricted to other countries on the regular with your family? This Golden Visa might be your ticket to do just that. With the investment programs that the Golden Visa partners with, the holder is able to essentially travel between Europe, the Caribbean, and America. Some of the properties offered are gorgeous beachfront properties with incredible views starting at $150,000 to $2 million+.

..Totally an investment I’d be willing to make!

A quick internet search will yield bountiful results on the topic, or you can contact your local Global Real Estate Representative to ask key questions on the possibilities.

Would you be willing to invest in Real Estate in one of these European Union states with the perks of unrestricted travel & possible citizenship or residency?

Let me know what you think in the comments below!

Happy Investing!

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