Digital Trends in Real Estate 2023 [UPDATED]


Real estate is a highly competitive business sector. As such, estate agencies need to constantly evolve their services to stay ahead of competitors. This is why digital trends in real estate are so important.

Estate agencies have followed various real estate digital trends in order to reach the new and evolving demands of their clients. By moving the industry in this direction estate agents are able to offer real additional value, helping customer retention and developing business opportunities.

With this in mind, we’ve outlined some digital trends of 2023 that you can incorporate into your estate agency to ensure you’re standing out.

Digital Trends in Real Estate Social Media

Since the emergence of the new digital age, we have seen an increased use of social media throughout all industry types in an attempt to reach the huge proportion of potential customers who use social networking sites such as Facebook, Instagram and Twitter. Estate agencies are no exception to this rule, with many now opting to promote themselves and their properties using sponsored ads on these popular platforms.

Due to the capabilities of social media, with an estimated number of 39 million UK users, it’s no longer only those who are actively looking at your estate agency that will see the properties which you have to offer. This means that, from the comfort of their own home, customers are exposed to your properties and can register their interest, which could lead to a potential sale.

Digital appointments and consultations

With a vast amount of the general public living to a busy schedule, getting to an estate agent can feel impossible. In order to meet the demand of the 21st century customer, estate agencies are now offering online appointments and consultations, using communication software such as Skype and email to liaise with potential sellers and buyers.

This means that clients are no longer drawn to their nearest estate agency, and instead are able to shop around to select the one offering the most competitive rates, the most expertise in your property type, and the best reputation.

Property Apps

Property sites and apps such as Rightmove and Zoopla have revolutionised the way in which real estate works. It’s no longer just about making your estate agency appealing on your local high street, with potential buyers now viewing houses from all property agencies collectively in one, more convenient, place.

For this reason, in 2019 it is imperative that estate agencies are making ultimate use out of these property apps, through extras such as the featured property option.

Bill Management Apps

With the competitive nature of the estate agency market, offering your customers the best possible service is critical to ensuring that your estate agency stands out among its competitors. One way to improve the services that you offer in an innovative way is through finance management using bill splitting apps. These apps can help to streamline the process of moving in, managing and moving on for the resident, utility companies and landlords/agents.

Bill management and splitting apps, such as those offered by acasa, are a great way to ensure that all payments are organised and punctual. acasa is a home management platform designed to create seamless living. Not only will the use of this software save you valuable time which can be better spent building relationships with your customers, but acasa also allows you to further extend, improve and retain the rapport that you work hard to establish.

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