10 Types Of Content To Include In Your e-Learning Training


Is it demoralizing you to consistently realize a low knowledge retention percentage? Though, you would have spent hours preparing the training content. But the fact is, the amount of creativity in content is also accountable to create an effective course; it is a standalone art that can make you win. Learners seek engaging stuff irrespective of the age groups. Learning must use and engage all our body parts by virtue of its content. 

Content is not only about “telling,” but it is also “showcasing” with supportive techniques, indeed. 

In the above statement, highlighting itself opens a bundle of tools and techniques which are popular among all of us. 

Before deciding the format and starting with the content course, work on deciding the components of your e-learning content. 

#Ask yourself the following: 

  1. How do you want the information to float?
  2. How often do you aim to train your learners? Since one-time training courses (usually in companies) need to be much effective because employees are expected to perform just after the training without failure.

#Work on subjects and collect the essence of the course to include only the essentials and most relevant information to keep it short, handy, and engaging. Lengthy “look & feel” can divert a learner’s attention. 

#List down the modes to include in your e-learning course first. Showcasing of the elements makes a direct impact on the learner’s brain rather than bombarding facts, statements, and descriptions in the learning material. 

#Visualize the content as real, it helps you to do pre-evaluation and acknowledge realistic feedback.

Types of variations to include in your e-learning content 


Empathizing with creatures is undoubtedly the best way in every aspect and so, in content creation to serve the learners. The touch of real experiences increases possibilities to float sustainable knowledge among learners, unlike the statement-based learning material. To back it up with imaginary scenarios – accelerate time-to-competency in grasping unused practices and theories. 

Illustrations can be created with examples that involve human characters or imaginary situations using creative visual logic and puzzles. To go with the theoretical statements in your documents/files, examples prove the assertions and validate the content.


Minimal sneak-peak of a full video looks shorter and tiny; however, it brings along some benefits. GIFs can do the best when the training course includes the technical workflows on any platform. Since training new employees on technical ability seems like the toughest job ever. The process of technical learning through documentation is quite critical, it often tends to confuse new people. The usage of words may not be enough or appropriate to explain the workflows on complex platforms. 

Converting videos of the workflow processes into GIF formats and attaching them in the middle of the steps, make the guidance better. Moreover, GIFs have other animated forms to be used differently, depending on the audience type. 


Podcasts have gained popularity among working professionals in 2019. Following the raised interest in listening to podcasts, the education sector was also influenced by its power.

Podcasts have a bright future in e-learning to facilitate students as well. Podcasts improve listening skills, improves focus. Especially, listening to your teachers “on-repeat,” “pausing-when-needed”, such features are exceptionally helpful to improve student’s e-learning experiences. 

Ted Talks daily podcasts are the best references to know the worth of this powerhouse mode of delivering e-learning!

3D image representation

The popular feature of PowerPoint presentation can be utilized to support boring content and make it engaging for students. 

Importantly, when the e-learning course is aimed to educate children of certain age groups (below 12 years mainly) adding the images for explaining subjects that require them to understand the logic behind theories. Do make the learning interesting by portraying animated 3D effects into the processes. For example – Subjects like Science contain various phenomena, discoveries such as Solar System and its insider view can be shown in motion to attract students to develop the curiosity and excitement to learn those details.

In the educational sector, E-learning has become a routine part of students’ lives after the Covid-19 pandemic. Educators must keep in mind that the choice of physical teaching has almost disappeared due to adverse situations. Therefore, virtual teaching is no choice but a necessity for students. Little ignorance in creating content can affect the grades. 

Interviews in Videos

Interactive two-way conversations are the best ones to implant concepts into one’s mind. Two-way interaction enables learners to collect findings and insights way better than descriptive videos. Also, it dissolves people’s minds into the context and helps their brains in building opinions in favor.


Among corporates, tutorial guidance is more common to train a huge workforce on software platforms. Replacing training through documents, companies have been benefitting from tutorial-based e-learning. Tutorials have step-by-step and organized, brief instructions to perform and learn tasks that accelerate time-to-competence during in-house training. 


Making your LMS (Learning Management System) effective does not ask for a huge investment always, however it needs a little more attention to detail in your content. Meanwhile, you enrich the course with descriptive content attach live screens of the activities i.e., “Add Screenshots” for detailing the situation to explain it visually. A variety of tools are available today for screen recordings. The most popular one is the icecream recorder App

Comic style storytelling

In the article, we have been talking about showing not telling the story; comic storytelling is the most persuasive way to prove this through content. E-learning through comic styled brochures, videos are more impactful and take your burden. 

Unpopular opinion! But creating content for storytelling is indeed time-saving than the regular descriptive content. It requires the creator to twist their approach and define the problems and solutions to align them together. 


Audio learning comes in a variety of ways. Voice overs in lectures, the addition of audios in slideshow presentation “subtitle notes,” podcasts are the common modes to consume learning. Ensure the language-check of the audio to contain clear pronunciations and no fake accent so that learners get clarity over concepts without interruptions. 


Automated guidance can give you an edge over the competition. Automated guides are usable on websites, web apps, desktop apps, mobile apps, and on offline modes and gaining popularity as a unique digital solution. Self-served e-learning LMS touches the pain points of the employers, human resource teams, employees, and education aspirants. To perform, while learning the workflow serves in the moment-of-need and saves time for employers to train people and for employees to learn the complicated processes on technological spaces.

Companies that use Salesforce for their sales representatives, Workday for talent management can invest in these automated LMS tools to train their huge workforce and ensure high productivity with convincing knowledge retention through e-learning.

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