Complete Guide to Neighborhoods in Kingston, CA

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You have decided to move to Kingston! That is amazing. But before you open that bottle of champagne and start celebrating this move, be sure you have chosen the best Kingston neighborhood. Since this is an enormous city, it is full of many different neighborhoods – 45 different neighborhoods, to be exact. So, out of all of them, which one should you choose? That is a tricky question, but don’t worry; we will help you. We prepared a list of some of the best neighborhoods in Kingston, Canada, which will, hopefully, help you find the ideal community for yourself. 

And, remember – the choice of neighborhood is crucial! You can love the country and the city, but if your community is not treating you well, you will change your mind about the country and city – trust us on this one. 


Alwington is, without a doubt, one of the oldest neighborhoods in Kingston. Most of its architectural pieces date from the early 19th century; thus, if you are a history/architecture lover, you will love this neighborhood. But there is so much more to this neighborhood than architecture and history. For example, residents brag about Alwington’s large parks, mesmerizing public gardens, unique meandering shoreline, and of course, its one-of-a-kind view of Lake Ontario. 

Like what you just read? Well, who wouldn’t? But, we have to disappoint you with something – the price of living in Alwington. Namely, since this is one of the most prestigious neighborhoods in Kingston, expect to pay more for housing. Thus organize your finances before buying a home here! Moreover, even things like home maintenance, certain bills and taxes, groceries, and entertainment can be on the heftier side. So, move here only if you have deeper pockets. 

Inner Harbour

If you are looking for something a bit cheaper than Alwington, consider Inner Harbour. This neighborhood is also full of history and beautiful architectural pieces. In the past, Inner Harbour was a place where shipbuilders lived their decent, hard-working lives. That is something that can be seen in the types of houses here – all the houses are smallish townhouses perfect for families on a budget. Of course, these are all restored and have all the amenities one would need.

Speaking of amenities, you will have everything you need in Inner Harbour – parks, bike-friendly streets and trails, stores, malls, etc. The neighborhood is also located near the Cataraqui River and Kingston’s downtown. 

Yes, this neighborhood has it all – it’s safe, affordable, cute, and ‘well-equipped.’ But, if you really like it – be quick. As it is so nice, many people are moving and buying their homes here. So, don’t wait. To buy a home, just hire a local real estate agent. And, to move and reach any part of the city, hire local movers in Kingston. Only professionals of this kind can help you organize a stress-free move. 


The first two neighborhoods we mentioned were suitable for families, the elderly, and those who want peace. But Queen’s is a whole other story. This is one of the most vibrant and diverse neighborhoods in the entire city of Kingston. Why? Because it is located in Kingston’s University District. Thus, the people here are primarily students, faculty staff, and young professionals. 

Of course, since Queen’s is all about youth, you will find many funky restaurants, cool bars, exciting clubs, affordable stores, etc. Moreover, the neighborhood ‘authorities are encouraging people to use bikes instead of cars or public transportation by offering many bike-friendly trails. You can quickly go to Kingston Downtown or the nearby Breakwater Park with your bike.


Sydenham is Kingston’s pride and joy! Here, you will find a mixture of people from different nationalities and those from different walks of life. It doesn’t matter whether you are Indian, American, Canadian, young, old, a mother of two, a dog owner, a businessman, or a gardener; you will find your place under the sun here.

The selection of homes is huge in Sydenham, but don’t let that scare you. If you can’t find a home, just find a real estate agent to help you out. And, while the realtor is searching for your dream home, be sure to hit the streets and see why Sydenham is so loved by both locals and tourists. We will hint at historic limestone structures, theatres, cinemas, skating rinks, parks, shops, etc. 


We cannot talk about the best neighborhoods in Kingston without mentioning the famous Portsmouth. Until 2013, this neighborhood was a penitentiary – the most notorious prison not only in Kingston but in the entire of Canada. Yes, some of the most dangerous men were housed here. But today, this neighborhood is something different – a small, village-like place with homes with flowers on the windows, narrow streets, and charming shops and eateries. 

Since the homes are small and since the neighborhood itself is still not that famous (for buyers), you can easily and quickly buy your new home here. But, again, don’t wait much – according to real estate experts, the neighborhood is getting a lot of attention. And that attention is coming from tourists that came to visit the notorious prison but fell in love with Portsmouth’s charming houses and streets, welcoming people, and tight communities. 

There are just some of the neighborhoods in Kingston that you should take into consideration if you plan on moving here. But we would be lying if we said that there are no other neighborhoods worth your attention. For instance, if you have some time to explore, we suggest checking out Kingscourt, Hillendale, Calvin Park, Rideau Heights, and Williamsville. All of these are just waiting to welcome new residents and make their lives in Kingstone beautiful.

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