Commercial Window Repairs – All that You Need To Know

commercial window repair

Have you ever realized how big commercial windows areas compared to the residential ones?

The commercial structures have large windows with different designs that you would never see in any residential place. Also, it is known that installing a commercial window is far more complicated and difficult than anything else. And perhaps this is why these windows are a lot prone to damage and breakage than other parts of any commercial building.

Now, since the windows of an office building or a mall are quite costly, replacing the entire part is useless. If the damage is such that it can be salvaged, you can easily choose a commercial window repair services.

Saving time and money are the two main factors that we observe in the repairing of the commercial windows by skilled hands. Let’s get started!

What Are The Conditions Which Lead To Damage In Commercial Windows?

Before you pick your phone and ring up a repair company, you need to know what are the conditions under which the repair can be done. Sometimes, these windows are so damaged that even the top-rated repair company can fail to salvage the window. Under such scenarios, the only option you will be left with is a replacement. However, since we are discussing window repairs,

Let’s see when to consider commercial window repair!

  1. Jamming of the windows along the window panes: in the monsoon season mainly, due to high humidity in the atmosphere, the windows get jammed and you won’t be able to open them without causing a crack in the glass or dislocating the window panel.
  2. Problems in the screws and hinges: since most of the windows have a swivelling structure, the frame is connected with the window panes using hinges and screws. If your window is out of maintenance for too long, there are high chances that the screws might loosen up, causing the panels to rattle against the frame.
  3. Cracking and damaging of the sealant material: the glass windows are usually attached with the frame using some sealant material like epoxies or glass putty mixture. Over time, there are high chances that the sealing material will start wearing off or will form cracks. This is when you need to call the repair services.

DIY Repair or Professional Window Repair Services – Which One to Choose

Now since you are aware of the major scenarios for choosing commercial window repair, the next question that many people ask is whether these damages can be fixed by DIY activities or not. Well, to be very frank, we will always suggest that since it is about a commercial window, asking for professional help will be better and more feasible.

What are the Benefits of Choosing a Commercial window repair Service?

You might think we are just exaggerating about taking a professional commercial window repair service. But, in reality, we aren’t because hiring a professional has its own benefits. So, let’s see the perks of a professional window repairman!

  • They are aware of what has to be done to fix what kind of damage in your window.
  • They have access to the proper toolkit and other materials needed for repairing the window.
  • In case the sealant comes off, they will provide a new set of sealing material, and hence, you won’t have to replace the entire structure.
  • Small cracks on the windows can be repaired by a professional using epoxies or other filling elements.


We understand that commercial window repair can be a bit problematic. But, if you have the opportunity to save both money and time with a repair service, there is no need to overlook this chance, right?

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