Chris Heller, Former CEO of Keller Williams Announces the Launch of His New Book – Dominant Thoughts


Internationally recognized real estate industry leader, two-time CEO, Chris Heller, and bestselling author and entrepreneur, Greg Reid have partnered for a new book called Dominant Thoughts to be released on April 5, 2022. Throughout the book, the duo share principles and practices for creating success in sales, leadership, and relationships.

I am beyond proud to be a part of this amazing project,” said Reid. “The book is a reminder to us all that we are a result of our thoughts and actions.

The story is set up as a parable where Nick, a young sales professional, meets John, a retiring CEO, and asks for the secret to his success. Instead of a single piece of advice, John becomes a mentor to Nick, sharing his business and success principles over the course of several years. As Nick follows John’s advice, he grows in his career, which presents additional professional and relationship challenges.

The book highlights include:

-The one thing you can control that will have the biggest impact on your success
-The single most important principle to consider when making any decision
-The one strategy that has proven to wow clients and increases loyalty and retention
-How to strengthen your discipline muscle and break out of your comfort zone
-The key to effective communication and truly understanding what people are and are not saying
-How you can turn your dominant thoughts into unprecedented success and happiness!

“I have been very fortunate to have had and earned some incredible opportunities to learn from some great mentors and leaders. Most people don’t get this type of exposure, especially men and women who are just starting out on their own. It would have been a great gift for me to have someone share these thoughts and ideas when I was young, Dominant Thoughts is the gift I now want to give,” stated Chris Heller.

 Throughout the story, Heller and Reid bring readers the lessons they learned throughout their years of experience. Through the lens of Nick and John, readers will come to understand the one thing that they can control that will have the biggest impact on success, the single most important principle to consider when making any decision and the one strategy proven to wow clients and increase loyalty and retention, among many others. As a bonus, the book contains a section including the dominant thoughts that have brought tremendous success to Chris and his team.

If you contacted one hundred executives of Fortune 500 companies, how many would respond? Nineteen-year-old me received only one response. It came from Chris Heller who not only offered advice but even offered to jump on a call. That simple response was what inspired me to keep building. Over the years I realized Chris does this for everyone. He inspires and makes the time. Mike C.”

Chris Heller, the former CEO of Keller Williams, is a real estate industry icon and thought leader. Currently, he is the Chief Real Estate Officer of OJO Labs, where he is shaping partner strategies, creating a cohesive structure and adoption between real estate professionals, consumers and OJO. To learn more, visit

Dr. Greg S. Reid is a renowned speaker, entrepreneur, filmmaker and bestselling author. His projects include Millionaire Mentor, Three Feet from Gold, Wealth Made Easy and Wish Man, a movie about Frank Shankwitz, the founder of the Make a Wish Foundation. To learn more, visit

This is a book every real estate agent should read.

Dominant Thoughts was released on April 5, 2022. Order the book at

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