Best Neighborhoods In Austin On 2023 [UPDATED]

Austin skyline overseeing several neighborhoods in Austin

Over the last couple of years, the population of Austin has increased significantly. The influx of newcomers is constant, and the trend doesn’t seem to be going away anytime soon. With this in mind, it’s no wonder why “the weird city” ranks as the fastest growing city in the whole of the US! Additionally, the entire urban area is thought of as one of America’s best places to live in. But, not all neighborhoods in Austin are equally suitable. Things such as affordability, crime, and the unemployment rate are constantly changing across all city parts. Staying up to date with this information is crucial if you are looking to relocate to the area. To make it easier on you and everyone else who is about to call this place home, we have rounded up the best neighborhoods in Austin in 2023.

Best neighborhoods in Austin as of 2023

What is it precisely that makes Austin so unique? Well, first, there is the city’s movement “Keep Austin weird” that encourages the residents to nurture their creativity. The place is the hub of culture. Hearing lovely tunes wherever you go is nothing short of usual as the metropolis is known for being the world center of live music. It’s also among the most pet-friendly and sustainable places in the States. Thanks to the rising number of tech companies expanding in the area, some even refer to it as the new Silicon Valley.

Of course, different Austin neighborhoods have different things to offer. Being aware of what each part is known for will make deciding where to move somewhat easier. However, there is no instance during which you should even contemplate relocating entirely by yourself. Professional movers are a necessity if you want your move to be successful. Luckily, North Austin-based experts can handle it with ease and provide you with a pain-free experience. The only thing you should do is choose from one of the neighborhoods listed below. The experts will take care of the rest.

The view of the downtown from Lou Neff point


Allandale is a good option for families with kids. The suburb is in close proximity to nature and boasts an overall serene atmosphere. It’s quaint and quiet, surrounded by plenty of parks suitable for taking your children or pets for a stroll. Despite it not sharing the city’s vibe entirely, Allandale is, nonetheless, well connected to its inner parts. In some ways, this neighborhood represents the perfect balance between the suburban and urban areas.

However, those interested in purchasing housing in Allandale aren’t in for the cheapest of rides. The median home price is close to $650,000. Nevertheless, if you have sufficient funds and are looking to move to one of Austin’s safest neighborhoods, it could be ideal for you.


With the median home price of around $520,000, Crestview is a bit more affordable than Allandale. The neighborhood is mostly quiet, with the exception of parts right next to the railroad. Crestview is an excellent choice for both families and couples looking for a place with a relaxing vibe and easy-going residents. People going for a run or a walk are something you’ll see daily.

Moving to Crestview in the midst of the pandemic isn’t ideal but is still entirely possible. Covid-19 remains an enigma that has left buyers with a plethora of questions. Nevertheless, the real estate industry isn’t slowing down, and people are continuing to move. With a dose of caution, that is. It’s safe to say that coronavirus has been around long enough for us to adapt to the new normal. We are already used to constant disinfecting of everything and wearing a mask. Therefore, doing the same while moving shouldn’t be a problem. After all, the priority during the coronavirus pandemic is to stay healthy and safe during relocation.


One of the busiest neighborhoods in Austin, if not the busiest, is Downtown. If you would like to settle in a lively part of the city that never sleeps, this one is undoubtedly for you. Opportunities for career advancement are abundant, and the overall livability score is quite high. Investing in Downtown real estate is also smart as its value is constantly on the rise.

With it being the center of all happenings, it’s understandable why Downtown is a rather expensive neighborhood. The average price for a home lies at $800,000, which is quite costly compared to some other areas. However, many people believe that the high quality of life combined with many entertainment options justify the price.

A bridge in Downtown Austin

South Lamar

South Lamar is an excellent neighborhood for those searching for a unique place. It’s full of unusual stores selling the strangest of things and bars playing live music non-stop. New restaurants offering lots of delectable dishes are popping up daily. South Lamar also has a plethora of large, Victorian homes, with $600,000 being the average price. Additionally, the area prides itself on low crime rates and excellent schools. Once you feel the energy of this area, you’ll understand why many think this is one of the best neighborhoods in Austin.

Barton Hills

Tucked away behind Downtown is mesmerizing Barton Hills. Even though it’s almost as costly as Downtown, residing here brings something living in the city center cannot: a healthy dose of nature. If the thought of being near beautiful scenery fills you up with joy, Barton Hills is the place for you and your family. Just north of it is Barton Creek, an excellent area for hiking, swimming, and having an overall fun time.

A body of water, Barton Creek, TX


Neighborhoods in Austin are many, which makes the city a great place for almost anyone. However, deciding where to move and purchase housing isn’t all that simple. It will depend on several factors such as your budget, preferences, needs, and lifestyle. It’s up to you to sort out your priorities and decide on what matters most. Do you prefer the nightlife or spending time in nature? It’s only once you’ve realized what it is that you want that you can fully begin planning and researching the best neighborhoods in Austin in 2021.

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