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Austin topped as the best neighborhood for real estate investment return on investment last year. Here are some of the best areas in Austin for increasing property value.

The city currently has a lot of first-class neighborhoods, beautiful facilities, and an overall revitalized economy.

Austin has grown to be a city with a stable and robust economy. This makes it an attractive place to invest in real estate for increasing property values.

Besides the comparative advantage Austin gained during the global downturn, the city is engaging in constant development and implementation of projects. A lot of real estate properties projects are on the ground to meet the increasing need of the emerging population.

Gainfully employed youths, retirees and families are attracted to Austin because of its abundant attractive features and excellent facilities.

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If you are looking to invest in Austin, you will find our list of best neighborhoods in Austin handy. We have thoroughly researched the city and are making our expert recommendation based on recent trends and happenings in the area.

What works best for you will depend on your investment goal! We advise you to go through the list and carefully access each one of them to choose the best suitable neighborhood for your investment goal.

Some of Austin’s real estate that are enjoying the highest demand from investors and homebuyers include Hyde Park, East Austin,  Clarksville, and some places inside the 78704 ZIP code. However, if you are only looking to get a home in these expensive, low-inventory neighborhoods, you may miss your chances of getting better affordable and isolated neighborhoods with good potentials just a few streets away!

These flourishing neighborhoods are implementing new changes, remodeling and selling off fast with increasing property values. What you need is to get a property in a good location at the best affordable rate!”

Westgate/South Manchaca

Exactly underneath the hottest Zip code in Austin is 78745. It is located in the southern Highway 290 and bordered in the east by the Highway 1/MoPac. The neighborhoods in this Zip code include the Westgate and South Manchaca neighborhoods.

There are many up-and-coming neighborhoods located on the 78704 zip code. Purchasing a home here gives you twice return on your investment. Besides, you’ll have a house that is very close to the hottest neighborhoods in the city.

These neighborhoods are good investment options if you want a house that is affordable and not far from downtown Austin but you also don’t want to pay a fortune.

It has a lot of useful facilities to its credit including Central Market gourmet grocer, parks, local eateries, and entertainment centers.

The cost of buying a single family home is roughly $350,000.  A few best places to look towards are South Austin, which has large lots, trees and ranch-style properties.

Buying a house here gives you good value for your money.


These neighborhoods are located within working distances from the northern part of the most wanted neighborhoods including Hyde Park, Shoalmont and Rosedale.

These three neighborhoods make up the 78757 zip codes. Purchasing a house here also give you good access to the city center while at the same time ensuring you get extra value for your investment.

Single home houses in the location range from 350,000 USD to 450,000 USD. The communities are also located close to the train station, eateries, grocery shops, and North Cross shopping center.

Similar to the Westgate/South Manchaca, properties in 78757 zip code are close to restaurants in the central business district, have easy access to nightlife and you can easily get to workplaces. Many home buyers cherish this location for their attractive qualities.

The Domain

The Domain neighborhood is located within the 78758 zip code. It is bordered in the north by the Burnet and Highway 183. In the eastern part, the community has a border with Highway 1.

There are abundant eateries, shops and employment opportunities in the locality. The community is fast emerging given the massive numbers of eateries in the place and a lot of facilities you would get in the city’s central business district.

Living here gives you all the facility you need for entertainment without any need to visit the city center.

There are many whole foods grocery in this community. The Walnut Creek Greenbelt, Topgolf and popular tech companies such as IB, Amazon and more are located in this neighborhood.

The price of single-family homes in this community is still much more affordable and falls within the range of 300,000 USD to 350,000 USD.

Windsor Park

The Windsor Park neighborhood is located at the eastern part of Highway 35 and south of Highway 290 and on top of the Mueller. This is a popular Austin neighborhood that is still on the verge of its growth which makes it a good choice of a location to invest in.

You will find older homes with a lesser square foot, the houses are still affordable and also you benefit from a place that is not far from the city center.

This Austin community is located within the 78723 ZIP code and close to the Metro train station. It also has H-E-B grocery, shops, and amusement parks. The cost of a single-family property falls within 350,000 USD to 400,000 USD range.

Northwest Austin

The rates of sales and increasing property value in northwestern Austin and in particular within Avery Ranch and Highland Horizon are high.

Northwest Austin is located within the 78717 zip code and positioned at the northern part of Highway 45. It is also located in the eastern part of Highway 183 and Cedar Park.

West of the neighborhood you will find the Highway 35 and Round Rock.

This location is known for good quality schools and makes a great choice for families and people looking to work in the IT industry.

Houses here range from 350,000 USD to 550,000 USD. You can easily get down to eateries and shops living within this neighborhood. Shops and restaurants are also within a short drive. The good location is making the cost of homes higher here but the lots are smaller.

Highway in Austin Texas

Windsor Road

Windsor Road is one of the best areas in Austin to invest in for increasing property value. The neighborhood contains such facilities like the Pemberton Heights and Bryker Woods which forms the ancient history of the Old West Austin community.

The area is seen as an ancient city, with limited permission for erecting new properties. Windsor Road continues to be a peaceful district to buy a home in Austin.

The average cost of a home here is roughly 800,000 USD. In 2016, it enjoyed a twenty percent property value appreciation. Home purchases here is fifty-three percent above that of average rentals because of the high cost of roughly 1,600 USD average rents monthly.

The good educational system and the peaceful environment continue to make the area a delight of many families.


Allandale neighborhood has a population density of roughly 9000 and is more populated than the Windsor Road.

The cost of owning a house here is far cheaper than other surrounding areas. The average home value in this district is roughly 350,000 USD.

Despite the fact that this location is close to the city center and more crowded neighborhoods, it continues to be a peaceful and quieter environment. This makes it a preferred choice for families.

The neighborhood was rated as the third-best district to raise children. On top of that, it has a lot of recreational facilities and amenities.

It is the best place to raise a kid if you want a location that is midway between a suburb and a city.

Circle C Ranch

Circle C Ranch neighborhood is located within the 78739 zip code. The area is of high demand because of its close proximity to the central business district of the city.

It is also located close to schools. Because of the high demands of properties and low inventory within this locality, the property values in this locality have increased roughly by 100,000 USD starting from 2013.

There is a good potential that the growth trend will persist. The cost of properties in this location is of 300,000 USD to 900,000 USD. The area also enjoys a fast property sale rate.

Highland Hills

Highland Hills is a great option to invest in Austin for increasing property value. This is partly because of its numerous attractions and open spaces and partly as a result of its nearness to the city center.

Another reason home buyers flock here is due to its many multicolored brick homes. On top of the modern and modest home designs, the community is peaceful, comes with a relaxing feel and features winding brooks and wildlife.

It is one of the most costly neighborhoods to do real estate investment in Austin. The average home price has increased to 700,000 USD. It grew by twenty-three percent in only a single year.

Despite the cost, it is still the choice of many families because of the many attractions and good educational system. It is a good choice for people who want to live close to the city center and enjoy a high-quality life.


A Neighborhood within the city center that enjoys recurrent demand, expansion, and increasing property value. The key takeaway here is the multiple attractions like Frost Bank Tower and principal Theatre, comedy centers, and nightlife areas.

It is expected that Downtown will go through many new developments and integrate a lot of new facilities to the original structure. This will invariably increase demand.

Irrespective of the different attractions in the district that leads to increasing property values, the average value of homes here continues to be roughly 350,000 USD. Downtown Austin is a good choice if you want a house in the city center with numerous entertainment opportunities, job opportunities, and nightlife.


With the amount of information we have provided about investing in Austin’s housing market, the ball is now on your court. Your final choice must be based on your investment goals.

Check out any of the neighborhoods that fall in line with your investment goal. Allandale is the best option to invest in if you want something midway between a suburb and a city.

Whatever you make your final choice, the best way to go is to learn as much as you can about the neighborhood you are interested in before investing to make the best choice.

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Thank you for reading.

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