Here at AgentDrive, we were excited to join the Asia-Pacific Ethereum Community Meetup, an amazing event which took place on February 25th in Bangkok, Thailand. Our CEO & Founder spoke with Vitalik Buterin, co-founder of Ethereum, met Ethereum developers from across the world and attended blockchain case study discussions.

Asia-Pacific Ethereum Community Meetup

Asia-Pacific Ethereum Community Meetup is organized by LinkTime, a startup that develops Ethereum-based apps and projects. The purpose behind bringing everyone together for this event was to share knowledge, technology and experience, connect Ethereum developers with community members and promote useful blockchain initiatives that have a potential to revolutionize a lot of processes, people and companies face every day.

Apart from noted figures on the blockchain scene, such as Vitalik Buterin, we were excited to meet dedicated Ethereum community organizers, academicians, developers and investors from Singapore, US, Japan, China, Korea and other countries.

The agenda was exceptionally well thought-out, the speakers knowledgeable and passionate about their projects and the volume of useful and game-changing information incredible. Just some of the topics covered during the event:

  • cryptoeconomics and SPORE framework;
  • financial empowerment and blockchain fintech;
  • democratisation of energy;
  • evolution of cloud applications;
  • quantitative trading using blockchain and more.

We can’t wait to attend the upcoming events and would like to thank the organizers once again for their amazing effort!

(Catch up with the morning and afternoon discussions on YouTube!)

Case in point, real estate

The real estate industry is amongst the first to experience the disruptive effect of blockchain adoption. In truth, blockchain has the potential to revolutionize the industry as we know it. Blockchain can:

  • improve and accelerate the property search process via blockchain-based portals;
  • safeguard the quality of listing data by making it incorruptible;
  • verify information in seconds using digital identities of people and properties;
  • revolutionize cash flow management with smart contracts (self-executing contracts in code);
  • promote disintermediation and eliminate the number of third parties that take part in a real estate transaction.

Governments, too, have expressed particular interest in blockchain technologies. For example, Dubai is on track to become the first state to undertake all real estate transactions via smart ledgers on blockchain by 2020. Countries like Singapore, Sweden and Estonia are also introducing new blockchain-powered mechanisms.

This is an exciting time for real estate brokerages. Expect more changes and innovations in the coming years as real estate blockchain initiatives gain more and more traction.

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