A home in New Hampshire, New England.

When trying to buy the home of your dreams, it is quite easy to decipher how many bedrooms and bathrooms you need. Also, it is easy to determine the square footage, the location, the condition of the home itself, etc. These are all decisions based on your and your family’s needs. However, settling on the home style you want is a whole other story. Imagine driving through the streets of New Hampshire and seeing a home you like. Yes, it is a New England style, but how will you explain to your real estate agent what you saw when there are so many New England home styles out there? Do not worry; we got you! We will help you differentiate between different New England styles of homes so that you can know exactly what kind of a home you are looking for. So, without further ado, here is our simple guide to typical New England homes.


Colonial-style homes are two things – timeless and elegant. And, because of that, they are the most popular style of homes not only in New England but in all states. These houses are famous for their ample square footage that spreads over two or three stories – the third story usually being a dormered roof. The kitchen, living, and dining rooms are always on the first floor, while the bedrooms are on the second. The design of the house is quite symmetrical, too – there is an equal number of windows on each side of the house, and there are always two chimneys. However, these houses do not have balconies, patios, or decks, only an entry with a portico supported by high columns. Of course, you can always find a home improvement expert who can help you build whatever you want, but keep in mind that that may ruin the entire concept of a colonial home.

Colonial-style home.

Cape Cod 

These were the homes for small, working-class families. They were designed to be comfortable and functional. Cape Cod-style homes have a rectangular shape, low ceiling, steep roof, and one chimney. At first, there was only one floor, but later on, as families grew, people started adding rooms in their dormered roofs. And, unlike colonial homes mentioned above, these styles of homes are famous for having a small deck right in front of their entry door.

If you are looking at various home styles and plan to relocate the whole family to New Hampshire, Cape Cod styles of homes should be your first option if you are moving with kids. Not only because they are the cheapest but also because they are the easiest to convert and expand. Their rectangular shape makes it very easy to make additions to the home without affecting its original style. In other words, this type of home will be able to grow together with your family.


Victorian-style homes are easy to fall in love with. We associate them with something romantic – either because they appear in old romantic movies or simply because of their look. Victorian homes are large and non-symmetrical both inside and out. Sometimes they are very high, too – it is not uncommon to see a Victorian house on four floors. However, what makes them exceptionally interesting is their color. Facades can be in all colors, and the details on them are incredibly elaborate. But, be careful when buying this type of home, especially if you are buying a home out of state. Victorian homes are very old! Even if everything looks great inside, there is a big chance that electricity or plumbing is in bad shape. So, keep your eyes open and double-check everything before closing the deal.


Shingle-style homes are considered to be uniquely American. They first originated in New England, but nowadays, they can be found everywhere throughout the USA. Shingle homes are enormous – they usually have 6 or 7 bedrooms and 3 or 4 bathrooms. They are quite rustic looking too! Even though wood shingles cover the roof and the entire house, everything looks clean and simple. People who buy these homes are usually those who have large families. So, if you belong to that group, we suggest checking out these types of homes when moving to New Hampshire. Moreover, if you decide to buy a shingle-style home, we also recommend getting some moving help too! It will not be easy moving into a house as big as this one, so get all the help you can. Try to look for local movers and New Hampshire-based specialists that can help you pack everything you own and unpack it in its rightful place.

A shingle-style home.


We can not talk about New England-style homes without mentioning the farmhouse style. In the past, these houses were built for the working class, and they were built out of necessity. They are simple and functional but full of love and comfort. So, if you were looking for a house to buy this year in New Hampshire, be sure to consider farmhouses. These homes usually have two floors. The first floor is for gathering, eating, entertaining, etc., while the second one is used for sleeping only. What most people like about farmhouses are the big kitchen and the open-floor concept that extends to the sizable patio outside – perfect for special occasions and gatherings.

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