6 Reasons why Real estate agents need a Professional Realtor Website

Real Estate and its website importance

Today’s digital space pushed many realty businesses to establish their online presence. As the potential audience of the businesses shifted their focus towards online, it is essential for any agent to have a realtor website.

Build Professional Realtor Website

Even though medium and large scale Real estate companies have their online presence, but not many of the small scale Realtors have a dedicated Realtor website to showcase their portfolio. Realtors can hire a Real Estate Website Design & Development company to build their website.

There are few reasons why a realtor need a website. Here are the top 6 reasons

  1. List their current and sold properties
  2. Leverage Organic Traffic from Google
  3. Improve Brand Awareness
  4. Real Estate Website Get Leads for the business
  5. Promote their business services via blogs/videos
  6. Realtor Website Works for a Long-Term

1. List your Current and Sold Properties

Having an exclusive business website allows the realtors to showcase their current properties. Realtor’s properties are seasonal i.e. they will be available on a short term basis. During this time, Website allows the real estate owners to show their listings along with its images and property specific information. Also they can show the exclusive video tour of the properties.

List all of your real estate properties

Here, like in the above image, businesses can provide options to customize the user’s search. On top of this, the realtors can show their sold listing as well. In this way, the website visitors / people who want to get their property listed will get the trust.

Apart from that, the real estate agents can record videos of their properties in 3D format. There are companies which specializes in providing real estate 3D Virtual Tour services. if you are a Realtor, you can hire an agency to do the work for you.

2. Leverage Organic Traffic from Google

Once the realtor own a website, it provides an opportunity to get website visits from search engine like Google. With the help of search engine optimization (SEO), website can able to rank for many of the competitive keywords in the real estate industry. This drives a massive traffic to the website, eventually it can be converted to sales.

Having the website seen in the top results of Google can leads to better brand recognition. Also, it is absolutely free to do (optimizing for SEO), so why not?

3. Improve Brand Awareness & Branding

When it comes to purchasing a property, individuals place a high value on trust and credibility. In the same manner that you would in person, your website should aid in the development of trust with your visitors. For all of the above, the kickstarting is to get the brand awareness. If people are seeing your brand on a periodical basis either on Google or Social Media, you’re bringing them one step closer to conversion.

It’s critical to make sure that your clients’ visual interactions with your organization are consistent with your firm’s standards. These visual touchpoints can be found all across the real estate industry. They’re visible in MLS listing photographs and on feature sheets distributed at listings. They can be found in the quality of property video production and property listing signage. So it is essential for your business to keep branding across every visual elements which increases brand awareness.

4. Get Leads for the Business

Even if a realtor has good connections, eventually he/she will run out of leads and customers. Website provides an opportunity to expand their reach and get leads online. This good combination of getting offline connections (customers) and online leads can fuel up the business income.

Realtor Website can provide an opportunity to sell the services and offerings including the business information. Also Generating leads can be comparatively easy in online via website.

5. Promote your Business via Blogs/Videos

Beside the website, the realtor can show a lot of promotional information like blog posts, and videos. They can include the blog section, where one can write articles related to the service offered. Infographics, images and videos can be the perfect ways to get more website engagement. Images and videos can be shared in social media too.

According to Hubspot, having a blog can help the visitors to convert to leads. Yes, since sales conversions is a funnel process i.e. awareness, engagement to conversion, we can offer the information via blogs.

6. Realtor Website Works for Long-Term

If the realtor develops the website and promote it, it will help to drive results in a long term basis. Just by having low to medium efforts on a periodical basis, it will help them to manage the website, SEO and social media.

Also if you plan to expand your business it’ll be very easy with the help of website and SEO. Because your website is available to anybody in the world, breaking down geographical borders has never been easier. Anyone, from any country, will be able to find your realty firm and become a potential customer as a result.


It is very essential for a Realtor to have a business website for a lot of reasons in today’s world. To summarize, owning a realtor website can improve the brand awareness and brand recognition, increase the number of leads and drive more revenue to the business.

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